3Com NBX System Software Release 4.2

3Com NBX Networked Telephony solutions deliver powerful voice communications to single and multisite organizations with 2-1,000 users per site. Release 4.2 is the sixth generation of system software available on the SS3 NBX and NBX 100! Enterprises with locations of all sizes can more cost effectively leverage a converged network to provide their staff with better communications tools, increasing productivity and improving customer service.

Notice: 3Com NBX System Software Release 4.2 is the first upgrade that requires a customer to purchase a license keycode to activate the functionality.

NBX R4.2 expands support in several key areas:

  • New 3102 Business Phone introduces new look and feel of 3Com IP phone family
  • New NAPT device support enables remote phone connection behind a NAPT enabled router
  • Improved attendant call handling in the Complement Attendant Software (CAS) by adding Busy Lamp Field (BLF) on/off hook user status in addition to some other services
  • Improved user call handling in the Desktop Call Assistant (formerly TAPI Dialer) by adding both Multi-line capabilities and a call timer counter
  • Next generation single-port Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) device support
  • Included within the TAP TSP are new Route Point and Line Redirect services which improves custom call routing for ACD and personalized call treatment via NBX exchange call center as well as 3rd-party SPP's such as BrightArrow
  • New Administration task modifications simplify several configuration tasks
  • New Serviceability and Manageability Utilities simplify system diagnostics

Note: Before you can upgrade to R4.2 software, you must upgrade to any production version of Release 4.1 first before upgrading

The 3Com NBX System Software Release 4.2 includes:

  • NBX R4.2 Site License
  • NBX R4.2 Resource CD
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