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3Com NBX Hardware Components

3Com NBX V3000/3001 Family Hardware
3Com NBX V3000 & V3001 Hardware including the V3000/3001 Platform, memory upgrade, replacement chassis and hard disk, and disk mirroring kit.

3Com NBX Interface Cards
3Com NBX Inteface Cards including Analog Line Card, T1/PRI Digital Line Card, E1/PRI Card, BRI-ST Card, Uplink Card, and Hub Card

3Com NBX Analog Device Connections
Connect conventional analog phones and fax machines to 3Com NBX networked telephony solutions. Products include NBX Analog Terminal Adapter and NBX Analog Terminal Card

3Com NBX Phones and Attendant Consoles
Multiline telephones and attendant consoles with sophisticated, easy-to-use feature sets for 3Com NBX networked telephony solutions

3Com IP Messaging Solutions
The 3Com® IP Messaging module is server software designed for centralized voice mail, fax mail and e-mail service.

3Com IP Conferencing Solutions
3Com IP conferencing services easily integrate with 3Com SIP-based IP telephony solutions—VCX platforms and NBX R6.0 platforms running in SIP Mode.

3Com NBX 100 Chassis and Call Processor
Essential components of the 3Com NBX 100 phone system including Chassis, Call Processor, and Replacement Hard Disk (FRU)

3Com NBX V5000 Chassis, Call Processors, and Components
3Com NBX V5000 Chassis and Call Processors, Disk Mirroring Kit, Memory Upgrade, and Replacement Hard Disk (FRU)

3Com NBX Ethernet Power Products
Supply power to 3Com NBX phones and attendant consoles as well as 3Com wireless access points via Ethernet cables


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