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3Com NBX Software and Licenses


Hewlett Packard Announced the End of Sale (EOS) of NBX licenses and End of Support of NBX Systems effective September 1 2013. However, NBX licenses and Support are still available from InPath. InPath, 3ComPhones.com's parent company, arranged a special purchase of over $1 million worth of licenses before the EOS in order to provide continued support to the NBX community. InPath is the only reseller to make these arrangements and will be the only source for NBX licenses going forward.

For more information about purchasing NBX licenses and support for your NBX, please call us at 800-884-6945 to speak with a Consultative Sales Specialist

Click here to view FAQ's about NBX Licenses and support

3Com NBX System Software
3Com NBX System Software for the 3Com NBX 100, NBX V3000, V3001, and V5000 phone systems

3Com NBX V3000 Family, V3001, and V5000 License Upgrades
The 3Com NBX V3000 Family, V3001, and V5000 Device License Upgrades are unit-based licenses enable a incremental number (up to 1,500) of devices

3Com NBX Voice Mail License Upgrades
NBX VoiceMail Upgrades for the 3Com NBX 100, V3000 family, and V5000 phone systems

3Com NBX Phone Licenses
The 3Com NBX Phone Licenses are a per device license that permits specific 3Com NBX Phones to be connected to 3Com phone systems.

3Com NBX IP Site Licenses
3Com® NBX® IP site licenses allow NBX line cards and telephones to be located remotely across a network router and across the world. IP licenses include IP On-the-Fly and IP Serve.

3Com NBX pcXset Client Software
The 3Com NBX pcXset client software puts the equivalent of a 3Com® NBX business telephone—a "softphone"—onto the screen of a Windows-based PC.

3Com NBX Virtual Tie Lines
If your business has multiple sites with 3Com® NBX® solutions, an NBX IP Virtual Tie Line license will let you make and receive calls between sites over your data network—as easily across the country as down the hall.

3Com NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange Licenses
3Com® NBX® VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange licenses let your CEO, regional sales manager, or any other user compose a voice mail from any 3Com NBX phone and send it to one or many users in other locations, around the corner or around the world.

3Com NBX 3rd Party Messaging Licenses
3Com NBX 3rd-Party Messaging license is the cost-effective, flexible way to integrate an approved messaging system with your NBX telephony platform in lieu of the built-in NBX voicemail system

3Com NBX WAV Application Licenses
These WAV driver licenses can connect 3Com NBX solutions to the increasing array of third-party applications that employ TAPI/WAV interface standards for transmitting audio and call control information over a data network.

3Com NBX ConneXtions Gateway H.323 Software
3Com® NBX® ConneXtions software is your gateway to seamless networking of multiple NBX systems. Providing support for industry-standard H.323, companies can leverage the value of their wide area networks (WANs) for voice communications worldwide.


3ComPhones.com  SupportQuestions on 3Com NBX Software? Just give us a call 800-884-6945 and our friendly 3Com telephony staff will be happy to assist you. By contacting us, we can also make you aware of specials and deals on 3Com phones.



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