The following online Workbook is designed to be a complete resource with all of the information, forms, and assistance you need to apply for funding through the federal $2.25 billion Universal Service Fund, or e-rate. Provided by 3Com and InPath Devices, for 3Com Premises-Based Telephone Systems.

Overview Federal E-Rate Fund for 2001-2002 Period

The federal government has historically established programs aimed at providing telecommunications services at reasonable rates to every person in the United States. The Telecommunications Act of 1996, which deregulated a wide range of telecommunications services, is the latest example. The Snowe-Rockefeller-Exon-Kerrey Amendment to this law is especially significant for schools and libraries because it makes equipment and access to the Internet/World Wide Web affordable for educators, students, and library users. This amendment establishes a $2.25 billion annual e-rate fund that allows eligible schools and libraries to purchase networking equipment, telecommunication services, internal connections, and Internet access at substantial discounts.

The Universal Service Fund Schools and Libraries Program Description is available for download at: //

Summary of Changes Since Year 3

Qualifying for E-Rate Funding

Applications for 2001 - 2002 E-Rate Discount

Application Process

Problem Resolution and Program Integrity Assurance (PIA)

Corrections, Funding Commitments and Appeals

Getting Your Discounts

Schools and Libraries Division Resources

Service Provider Resources

SLD Contact Information

School Connectivity Options

Electronic Resources

Education Technology Resource at State Department

E-Rate Terminology

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