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3Com NBX pcXset Site License - 3C10154


3C10154 - 3Com NBX pcXset Site License

3Com NBX pcXset (3C10154) site license puts the equivalent of a 3Com NBX business phone ("softphone") on the screen of a laptop or PC running Windows 2000/XP; USB handset or headset not included; incremental or pcXset site license available. Requires NBX system software R4.1 or greater.

Part No: 3C10154
Availability: In Stock

Your Price: $6,000.00

Product Description:

The 3Com NBX pcXset client software (3C10154) puts the equivalent of a 3Com® NBX business phone—a "softphone"—onto the screen of a Windows-based PC. Using a PC and a USB headset/microphone or a compatible USB telephone, you can simply click on the display image of an 3Com NBX phone to make and take calls. Easy-to-install software offers a new, powerful alternative for remote users and people who work from several different offices.

3Com NBX pcXset Client Software can be used on a variety of Windows-based platforms, accommodating wireless solutions, VPNs, and other cutting-edge technologies. Easily expandable, per user licensing offers affordable, incremental growth from just a single additional user license to full site coverage.


3Com NBX pcXset (3C10154) Product Datasheet


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