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3Com NBX Phones and Attendant Consoles

3com phonesA complete line of NBX phones, all incredibly easy to install and use, are diverse enough to meet the needs of almost any organization. Choose from the sophistication of dialing phone numbers using the infrared (IR) capabilities of a Palm OS-powered organizer or the simplicity of an NBX Basic Phone. Built-in displays give easy access to a directory of internal users, speed dials, and even personal call logs of the last 100 calls. 3Com NBX phones come with either a built-in hub or switch port so that a computer can easily share the same cable run as the telephone. There are even choices for Ethernet connectivity, either 10 Mbps shared or 10/100 switched.

  • Auto-discovery provides easy installation and pain-free moves, adds, and changes
  • Phones feature embedded DSP intelligence, programmable QoS, and compression mechanisms for business-quality voice clarity
  • QoS support includes 802.1p and IP-ToS
  • Phones and console can operate as Layer 2 or Layer 3 (IP) devices
  • Phones may be placed remotely for seamless telecommuter capabilities and to support remote call center agents
  • Browser-based administration/training utility makes it simple to customize phones
  • Internal switch (2101, 2102, 2102-IR, 3100, 3101, 3101SP, 3102, 3103, 3105, 3106C, 3107C) or hub (1102/1102B) lets you plug a PC or laptop directly into a phone, using one wire for both voice and data
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet compatible (3100, 3101, 3102, 3103, 3105)

3ComPhones.com  SupportNeed help selecting the right 3Com phone?
Our 3Com phone specialists are familiar with every 3Com phone and can recommend the right phone for your needs. Just give us a call 800-884-6945 and our friendly 3Com telephony staff will be happy to assist you. By contacting us, we can also make you aware of specials and deals on 3Com phones.

3Com NBX 3102 Phone3Com NBX 3100 Series Phones [view all]

 3Com NBX 3100-series Phones Comparison Chart

Part No. Description  
3C10399B 3Com 3100 Entry Phone
3C10401A 3Com 3101 Basic Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10401B 3Com 3101 Basic Phone
3C10401SPKRB 3Com 3101 Basic Speakerphone
3C10401SPKRA 3Com 3101 Basic Speakerphone - Pre-Owned
3C10402A 3Com 3102A Business Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10402B 3Com 3102B Business Phone
3C10402C 3Com 3102C Backlit Business Phone
3C10402A-BUND 3Com 3102A Business Phone - Pre-Owned - with Group 2 License
3C10402B-BUND 3Com 3102B Business Phone with Group 2 License
3C10403B 3Com 3103 Manager Phone
3C10405B 3Com 3105 Attendant Console
3C10406A 3Com 3106 Cordless Phone
3C10407A 3Com 3107 Cordless Phone
3C10408A 3Com 3108 Wireless Phone

3Com NBX 2102 Phone3Com NBX 2100 Series Phones [view all]

2100-Series NBX Phone Comparison Chart

Part No. Description  
3C10248B 3Com NBX 2101B Basic Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10248PE 3Com NBX 2101PE Basic Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10226B 3Com NBX 2102B Business Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10226PE 3Com NBX 2102PE Business Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10226IRA 3Com NBX 2102IR Business Phone - Pre-Owned

3Com NBX 2102 Phone3Com NBX 1100 Series Phones [view all]

1100-Series NBX Phone Comparison Chart

Part No. Description  
3C10121 3Com NBX 1102 Business Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10122 3Com NBX 1102 Business Phone - White - Pre-Owned
3C10281B 3Com NBX 1102B Business Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10281PE 3Com NBX 1102PE Business Phone - Pre-Owned
3C10123 3Com NBX 1105 Attendant Console - Pre-Owned

Polycom NBX Conference PhoneOther 3Com NBX Phones

Polycom IP3000-3Com NBX Data Sheet


Part No. Description  
Polycom IP3000 3Com NBX Conference Phone - Pre-Owned
3CT-Polycom SoundStation2 3Com NBX Conference Phone w/ Caller ID.
3CT-Polycom SoundStation2 EX 3Com NBX Conference Phone w/ Caller ID - Optional extension microphones.
3CT-Polycom External Mics Polycom Soundstation 2 EX Extension Microphones

NBX Phones Accessories

Part No. Description  
3C10247 3Com NBX Phone Wall Mount Bracket



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