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3Com IP Telephony Solutions

The IP Telephony module of the 3Com® Convergence Applications Suite offers both an NBX® and a VCX™ platform. VCX offerings cost-effectively deliver the benefits of converged networking to organizations with more than four hundred users distributed across more than ten sites. Open standards-based, the VCX solution provides highly reliable, scalable IP telephony services ideal for large campus and/or multisite networks.

3Com NBX Solutions

3Com NBX Solutions

3Com VCX Connect Solutions

3Com VCX Enterprise

3Com VCX Enterprise Solutions


3ComPhones.com  SupportWhich 3Com IP Telephony Solutions is right for me?
Our 3Com IP Telephony team will be happy to select the right solution for you based on your needs. Just give us a call 800-884-6945 and our friendly 3Com telephony staff will be happy to assist you.


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