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3Com NBX Virtual Tie Line 2-Port License (unit-based) - 3C10328


Hewlett Packard Announced the End of Sale (EOS) of NBX licenses and End of Support of NBX Systems effective September 1 2013. However, NBX licenses and Support are still available from InPath. InPath, 3ComPhones.com's parent company, arranged a special purchase of over $1 million worth of licenses before the EOS in order to provide continued support to the NBX community. InPath is the only reseller to make these arrangements and will be the only source for NBX licenses going forward.

For more information about purchasing NBX licenses and support for your NBX, please call us at 800-884-6945 to speak with a Consultative Sales Specialist

Click here to view FAQ's about NBX Licenses and support

3C10328 - 3Com NBX Virtual Tie Line 2-Port License (unit-based)

3Com NBX Virtual Tie Line 2-Port License (unit-based) 3C10328 enables native 3Com NBX system to 3Com NBX system VoIP calling between sites; Requires NBX IP Server (3C10131) or NBX IP On-the-Fly (3C10132) and R4.1 or greater NBX system software.

Part No: 3C10328
Availability: In Stock

Your Price: $600.00

Product Description:

If your business has multiple sites with 3Com® NBX® solutions, an NBX IP Virtual Tie Line license will let you make and receive calls between sites over your data network—as easily across the country as down the hall. Dramatically reduce intra-company toll call charges and simultaneously improve customer service with a seamless transfer of calls between sites.

  • Provides radically simple multisite tie line connectivity over IP
  • Transfers calls to other sites seamlessly—customers no longer need to hang up and redial
  • Reduces or eliminates toll-call charges between your locations
  • Easy to use—does not require multistep transfer schemes or hard-to-remember codes
  • Is an economical replacement for dedicated voice-only OPX or tie line circuits used by traditional PBXs
  • Supports hop-on and hop-off with Class of Service restrictions
  • Allows creation of a uniform dial plan for multiple locations
  • Requires no external servers or transcoding gateways (is homogenous NBX-to-NBX signaling over IP)
  • Compatible with 3Com NBX solutions with R4.1 or later system software
  • The 3Com NBX 100 solution supports up to eight tie-line ports
  • The 3Com SuperStack® 3 NBX solution supports up to 48 tie-line ports
  • The 3Com NBX V3000 supports up to 48 virtual tie line ports



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