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3Com NBX Group 2 Phone License - 3C10412


Hewlett Packard Announced the End of Sale (EOS) of NBX licenses and End of Support of NBX Systems effective September 1 2013. However, NBX licenses and Support are still available from InPath. InPath, 3ComPhones.com's parent company, arranged a special purchase of over $1 million worth of licenses before the EOS in order to provide continued support to the NBX community. InPath is the only reseller to make these arrangements and will be the only source for NBX licenses going forward.

For more information about purchasing NBX licenses and support for your NBX, please call us at 800-884-6945 to speak with a Consultative Sales Specialist

Click here to view FAQ's about NBX Licenses and support

3C10412 - 3Com NBX Group 2 Phone License

HP Part Number: JD759A

The 3Com NBX Group 2 Phone License (3C10412) permits connection of a 3Com 3103 Manager Phone, 3102 Business Phone, or 3105 Attendant Console to a 3Com NBX phone system; one license per phone required for operation; may be ordered in any quantity; Requires R4.3 or greater system software

Availability: In Stock

Your Price: $99.00

Product Description:

The 3Com NBX Group 2 Phone License (3C10412) is a per device license that permits the 3Com 3103 Manager Phone, 3102A Business Phone, 3102B Business Phone, and 3105 Attendant Console to be connected to 3Com NBX phone systems. This license must be present or the phone will not operate.

  • May be ordered in any quantity
  • One license is required per 3Com NBX phone
  • Not required for 1100 and 2100 series NBX phones.
  • HP Part Number JD759A

 What 3Com Phone License Do I Need?


  • R4.3 System Software

Just give us a call 800-884-6945 and our friendly 3Com telephony staff will be happy to assist you. By contacting us, we can also make you aware of specials and deals on 3Com phones.


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