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3Com NBX V3001R Redundant Platform - 3C10602A

3Com NBX V3001R Redundant

3C10602A - 3Com NBX V3001R Redundant Platform

3Com NBX V3001R Redundant System (3C10602A), a robust call processor that provides redundant power supplies and the option for redundant disk drives. The solution manages all incoming and outgoing call traffic, NBX Voice Mail, embedded applications, external gateway connectivity, and telephony adjunct connectors for MoH (3.5mm phone plug) and Paging (RJ11) in one easy-to-manage platform. Base package includes support for 250 NBX devices (expandable to 1,500 devices with additional device licenses), support for 11 languages, a site license for NBX IP On-the-Fly, and four (4) ports/400 hours of NBX Voice Mail. Interfaces: two (2) 10/100 uplink port, one (1) system hard disk, two (2) load sharing, autosensing 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz AC power supplies and two (2) eight-foot power cord (country type must be specified on the order). Also includes one port of the following applications: ConneXtions, pcXset, NBX Media Driver, Virtual Tie Line. No additional memory is required to support maximum devices or SIP. All device licenses must be ordered separately, none are included. Charcoal Gray color.

Part No: 3C10602A
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Your Price: $2,995.00

Product Description:

High Value IP Telephony: Feature-rich, Reliable, Affordable
The 3Com® NBX® V3001R Platform (3C10602A) R6.0 is a full-featured IP telephony solution designed to make it simple and cost-effective for small and medium-size organizations to run voice applications on their converged IP networks. The platform helps increase productivity, simplify operations and lower costs. A wealth of built-in applications includes voice messaging, conferencing, email integration and an automatic call distribution (ACD) system that can support a call center, help desk or telesales group. To further stretch budgets and protect infrastructure investments, the solution can scale to 1,500 devices and support a range of industry-standard protocols.

The "business-class" architecture of the 3Com NBX V3001R Platform delivers the high reliability needed in multisite deployments such as branch offices. The "R" in the product name stands for the "redundancy" built into the solution. To maximize uptime, dual standard power supplies ensure business continuity in case of a power failure. As an option, the platform also supports a redundant configuration of hard drives (RAID level 1) that enables operation-critical code to be written automatically to an alternate hard disk.

To provide the broadest set of connectivity options, the platform operates in either NBX Standard or NBX SIP mode. NBX Standard mode uses the protocol on which six generations of 3Com NBX applications have been built, while NBX SIP mode allows communications with the latest Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications, end-points and third-party devices. In addition, the platform is so easy to operate even non-technical employees can make individual or system-wide changes with the click of a mouse using the web-based 3Com NBX NetSet™ management application and centralized administration capabilities.

  • Eases the transition to IP telephony with support for traditional voice and multimedia communications
  • Implements advanced communications with support for IETF SIP applications, end points and devices
  • Maximizes uptime with redundant standard power supplies and optional hard drives (RAID 1)
  • Supports robust multisite deployments with carrier-class distributed architecture
  • Provides built-in ACD with advanced queuing, simple-to-set-up hunt groups, auto-attendant, supervisory monitoring and call reporting
  • Offers shared voice and email inboxes with any IMAP4-compliant email system
  • Ensures deployment flexibility with IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Offers a range of phone choices: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet/IP phones, softphones, receptionist consoles and cordless/wireless phones
  • Eases management with browser-based 3Com NBX NetSet software
  • Offers management options that include SYSLOG, SNMP, SNTP, 3Com NBX Multisite Management Backup Tool and 3Com NBX Dial Plan Editor
  • Provides 508 Compliance (U.S. government regulatory provisions)
  • Supports multilingual voicemail—12 languages and dialects
  • Supports U.S. English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian languages via the 3Com NBX NetSet user portal

3Com NBX V3001 Redundant Platform (3C10602A) Product Datasheet

Product Images:

3Com NBX V3001R Redundant front

3Com NBX V3001R Redundant right

3Com NBX V3001R Redundant left

3Com NBX V3001R Redundant expansion

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