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3Com IP Conferencing Solutions

3Com® IP Conferencing—Cost-effectively Increasing Productivity

3com ip conferencingClick to join. Drag to conference. Click to video. These are the new metaphors for how today’s organizations are connecting groups of employees, customers and partners. With the 3Com® IP Conferencing Module, online meetings can be aligned easily with a range of business needs. To ensure required resources are reserved for regularly conducted meetings, conferences can be booked in advance. When fast, collaborative decisions must be made, ad-hoc meetings can be convened without reservations by using the ID number of the person initiating the conference. Alternatively, an event coordinator can automatically summon a predefined list of attendees to an instant or emergency conference.

3Com IP conferencing services easily integrate with 3Com SIP-based IP telephony solutions—VCX platforms and NBX R6.0 platforms running in SIP Mode. And, when used in conjunction with VCX digital gateways, the module can easily address the needs of customers using a third-party IP PBX or legacy PBX.

The NBX version supports audio conferencing for up to 25 users. When used with a VCX system, the IP conferencing solution consists of the following applications:

  • Presence-based Instant Messaging for online or offline, on-hook or off-hook chat
  • Voice conferencing that supports up to 300 audio users on a single call and up to 3,000 simultaneous users across a multiserver system when used with VCX.
  • Video conferencing that is able to support as many as eight users on a single window
  • Document sharing for common editing and document development

With exceptional ease, organizations can implement enterprise-wide IP conferencing services to lower costs, increase user productivity and strengthen customer interactions. The module delivers:

  • High-availability services that can function at the same time as other 3Com convergence applications to reduce deployment and management costs
  • Real-time collaboration tools that minimize storage requirements for email and voice mails
  • Presence services for reducing missed phone calls and voicemail tag
  • Easy to use interfaces that encourage collaboration and communication with capabilities such as click-to-add video for in-progress audio conferences
  • Click-to-call functionality for time-saving efficiency


3Com IP Conferencing and Presence Modules

3Com IP Conferencing for NBX R6.0 IP Telephony Solutions

3Com IP Conferencing Products

Part No. Description  
3CRVH700597 3Com NBX IP Conferencing 25 Port Bundle
3CRVH700996B 3Com NBX IP Messaging/Conferencing Chassis FRU
3CRVH701497 3Com NBX IP Conferencing Hard Disk FRU
3C0VH701996B 3Com NBX IP Messaging/Conferencing Redundant RAID Hard Disk


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