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3Com NBX 3rd-Party Messaging Licenses

If you want the power of 3Com networked telephony solutions—but want to use another voice messaging product from a 3Com NBX Solution Provider—here's the answer. A 3Com NBX 3rd-Party Messaging license is the cost-effective, flexible way to integrate an approved messaging system with your NBX telephony platform in lieu of the built-in NBX voicemail system.

  • Allows cost-effective re-use of an existing third-party voicemail system that is compliant with the Intel S. 100 standard
  • Site license easily supports approved third-party mail system expansion to 750 VM/AA ports by adding the required 3Com NBX WAV application ports

3Com NBX 3rd-Party Messaging Licenses

Part No. Description  
3C10278 NBX 3rd-Party Messaging 60-Day Trial License
3C10279 NBX 3rd-Party Messaging Site License

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