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3Com NBX ConneXtions Gateway H.323 Software

NBX Connextions3Com® NBX® ConneXtions software is your gateway to seamless networking of multiple NBX systems. Providing support for industry-standard H.323, companies can leverage the value of their wide area networks (WANs) for voice communications worldwide. Users can easily place or transfer calls between multiple locations without paying long-distance fees. And customers' calls can be seamlessly rerouted to other sites, improving the user experience. ConneXtions software uses industry-standard H.323, so a variety of third-party devices can easily connect to 3Com phone systems.

  • Support for industry-standard H.323
  • Provides seamless networking of multiple NBX solutions consumption of analog or digital ports and saving the costs of hardware links
  • Lets industry-standard H.323 devices interoperate with 3Com NBX solutions
  • Software included with every system's NBX resource pack CD for easy installation
  • 3Com NBX solutions provide one permanently enabled 3Com NBX ConneXtions H.323 port at no cost, allowing 3Com users to evaluate the benefits of 3Com NBX ConneXtions H.323 gateway software for free
  • Easily upgradeable with license upgrades that can be quickly activated via software code keys

3Com NBX 3rd-Party Messaging Licenses

Part No. Description  
3C10315 NBX Connextions Gateway License

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