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3Com NBX IP Site Licenses

Turn your business into a virtual enterprise. 3Com® NBX® IP site licenses allow NBX line cards and telephones to be located remotely across a network router and across the world. Assign IP addresses to remote telephone or line cards and let any remote telephone user or remote office with a multiprotocol router access 3Com SuperStack® 3 NBX or NBX 100 call processing and messaging features. Remotely located devices appear as if they were physically attached to the corporate LAN, and can be managed locally. Incoming callers get a transparent connection to remote offices or branch locations. Reaching remote employees is as easy as dialing an extension number or pressing the transfer button.

  • Remote phone users can take advantage of office-based features
  • Branch offices and remote employees are fully integrated, helping to improve the incoming caller's experience
  • Customers use one main contact number for your entire enterprise
  • One voice mail system serves all users
  • Eliminates the expense of acquiring and maintaining separate telephone systems in remote offices
  • License upgrades can be quickly activated via software code keys
  • NBX IP Serve site license enables all local and remote NBX phones and analog line card ports to operate as IP phones at Layer 3; IP addresses can be supplied via static or DHCP addressing
  • NBX IP On-the-Fly site license enables all local and remote NBX phones and analog line card ports to operate as IP phones at Layer 3 on a per-call basis, allowing a smaller pool of IP addresses to be dynamically assigned as needed
  • IP On-the-Fly Upgrade from IP Serve upgrades a SuperStack 3 NBX or NBX 100 system from NBX IP Serve, enabling it to operate in IP on-the-fly mode
Part No. Description  
3C10131 3Com NBX IP Serve Site License
3C10132 3Com NBX IP On-the-Fly Site License
3C10133 3Com NBX IP On-the-Fly Upgrade from IP Serve

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