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3Com NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange Licenses

3Com® NBX® VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange licenses let your CEO, regional sales manager, or any other user compose a voice mail from any 3Com NBX phone and send it to one or many users in other locations, around the corner or around the world. The voice mail message is easily delivered to any user with a VPIM-enabled mailbox—whether on a 3Com NBX solution or on a third-party product. You get cost-effective messaging exchange for all your system users, worldwide.

  • Supports the Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) industry standard
  • Brings the interoperability advantages of e-mail to voice-mail messages
  • Provides homogeneous (native 3Com NBX-to-NBX VoIP) voice-mail exchange over IP
  • Works seamlessly with other 3Com NBX multisite internetworking products, including NBX virtual tie line, NBX ConneXtions H.323 gateway, and PRI/QSIG software
  • Connects your sites even if they have voice messaging systems from multiple vendors
  • Brings cost-effective messaging exchange to all your systems users, worldwide
  • Uses standard 3Com NBX dial plan programming, making message creation simple for users
  • Compatible with 3Com NBX solutions with R4.0 or later system software

3Com NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange Licenses

Part No. Description  
3C10276 NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange 60-Day Trial License
3C10277 NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange Site License

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