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3Com NBX WAV Application Licenses

3Com NBX WAV LicensesThese WAV driver licenses can connect 3Com NBX solutions to the increasing array of third-party applications that employ TAPI/WAV interface standards for transmitting audio and call control information over a data network. The licenses let you integrate sophisticated CTI applications using a standards-based software connection, rather than having to incur the additional cost and complexity of traditional per-port analog or digital connections.

  • Lets you access popular unified messaging, call center, and other computer telephony integration (CTI) applications
  • Creates an IP-based software communications link between the application server and 3Com NBX solution, avoiding consumption of analog or digital ports and saving the costs of hardware links
  • Uses TAPI function calls for call signaling and WAV audio processing for linking CTI applications over IP
  • Is an open, standards-based software solution, instead of proprietary hardware connections
  • A standard network interface card is usually the only hardware interface required
  • Eliminates expensive hardware for analog or digital per-port connectivity
  • Adding capacity does not require adding hardware
  • Scalability lets developers rapidly deploy CTI applications
  • Developers can create customized “softphones” for 3Com NBX solutions
  • 3Com NBX technology automatically monitors total concurrent WAV sessions

3Com NBX WAV Application Licenses

Part No. Description  
3C10318 NBX Media Driver Four (4)-Port 60-Day Trial License
3C10319 NBX Media Driver Single-Port License (unit-based)
3C10329 NBX Media Driver Site License

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