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3Com NBX IP Messaging 12 Port Bundle - 3CRB10329


3CRB10329 - 3Com NBX IP Messaging 12 Port Bundle

The 3Com NBX IP Messaging 12 Port Bundle (3CRB10329) provides Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Delayed Announcements, and Music on Hold for NBX in SIP mode. Bundle includes IBM306M Server, IP Messaging software, Licenses for 1500 voice mail boxes, 100 Music On Hold Ports, and 12 Voice Mail/Auto Attendant/Delayed Announcement Ports. Can scale up to 140 ports of voice mail/auto attendant/delayed announcement ports with 3C10788. All IP Messaging functionality is supported under this license except Text-to-speech and Inbound Faxing. Includes all voice mail features, distribution lists, multiple greetings, notification options, integration with email thru POP3/IMAP4, find me/follow me. Only works with NBX. NBX must be in SIP mode. Must be NBX SIP Trained to Purchase.

Part No: 3CRB10329
Availability: In Stock

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