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3Com NBX V3000 Analog PoE Bundle - 3CV3000PWRB

3Com NBX V3000 Analog PoE Bundle

3CV3000PWRB - 3Com NBX V3000 Analog PoE Bundle

3Com NBX V3000 PoE Bundle (3CV3000PWRB) provides one (1) 3Com Baseline Switch 2426-PWR Plus and one (1) 3Com NBX V3000 Analog IP Telephony Solution, combining an IP-PBX and Power over Ethernet switch price- and feature-optimized for the small-to-medium business market. The 3Com Baseline Switch 2426-PWR Plus—a unique, fixed configuration switch with Power over Ethernet—offers 24 x 10/100 copper ports and two x dual-purpose Gigabit SFP slots for either 1000BASE-SX (3CSFP-91) or 1000BASE-LX (3CSFP-92) modules, depending on the product application. Each 10/100 port has the ability to support up to 15.4 watts of inline power. See 3C10600B for a full description of the NBX V3000 Analog IP Telephony Solution specifications. Note the bundle does not include telephones, which are available for sale separately. All 3Com IP phones are compatible with the 3Com NBX V3000 PoE Bundle.

Part No: 3CV3000PWRB
Availability: In Stock

Product Description:

Enterprise-Class Solutions for Small-to-Medium Organizations

The 3Com® NBX® V3000 PoE Bundle represents a unique value—an IP telephony and Power over Ethernet switch solution with features and price optimized for the small-to-medium business market. The solution (3CV3000PWRB, previously 3CV3000PWR) cost-effectively provides the benefits of converged networking, including increased productivity and improved customer interactions.

Easy-to-order and install, the bundle with an updated ordering number of 3CV3000PWRB consists of the 3Com Baseline Switch 2426-PWR Plus solution and 3Com NBX V3000 Analog Platform (3C10600B).

The web-configurable 2426-PWR Plus switch automatically detects and prioritizes NBX IP telephony traffic, transparently ensuring the highest audio quality possible. And, with full 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) support on all ports, it can power 3Com IP phones directly from the switch, lowering total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to run additional wiring to each phone.

  • Offers small-to-medium size businesses an easy path to network convergence
  • Increases return on investment with low cost and easy scalability
  • Delivers transparent voice prioritization for optimized audio quality
  • Eases growth and expansion by letting organizations avoid fork-lift upgrades, minimize network disruptions, and eliminate the need for power cable runs to IP phones
  • Provides enterprise-class capabilities, customized and priced for small-to-medium businesses
  • Helps organizations control expenditures by allowing step-by-step expansion; growth can be matched to need—the type and number of IP phones and access points (if wireless connectivity is desired) can be determined over time

3Com NBX V3000 Analog PoE Bundle (3CV3000PWRB) Product Datasheet

Product Images:

3Com NBX V3000 PoE

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