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3Com NBX Analog Device Connections

3Com NBX Analog 3Com analog connectivity solutions give 3Com NBX system users access to a wide variety of NBX features, including incoming Caller ID alerts. An interrupted (stutter) dial tone provides notification that new voicemail messages are available and that other powerful NBX capabilities—such as the Do Not Disturb feature—have been enabled. Since each analog port is assigned a unique extension number in the 3Com NBX system, users also have full access to NBX NetSet for browser-based configuration and monitoring of their extension.

  • Easily connects a wide variety of industry standard analog devices and Group 3 fax machines—including analog and cordless phones, speakerphone extensions, and other industry standard tip/ring (2500 set) analog devices—to your NBX system.
  • Offers an ideal solution for integrating analog devices in warehouses, classrooms, and common areas into an organization's communications network
  • Supports door phones, paging systems, external alerts, and other applications that may require FXS analog connectivity
    Helps preserve investments in tip/ring analog devices
  • Alerts users with an interrupted (stutter) dial tone to the activation of special analog features, including message waiting notification
  • Supports industry standard phones and incoming Caller ID as available in the user's area

3Com NBX Analog Device Connections

Part No. Description  
3C10400B 3Com NBX Analog FXS Adapter
3C10120 3Com NBX Analog Terminal Adapter
3C10117C 3Com NBX Analog Terminal Card

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