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3Com NBX Ethernet Power Products

3Com NBX Ethernet Power SourceThe 3Com® Ethernet power sources (EPS) let companies with NBX® telephones or 3Com wireless access points connect and power these devices from a single location using their LAN cabling. With the EPS located in a secure wiring closet or other central location, you can easily access and manage the distribution of power to devices throughout your organization. EPS eliminates the need for a local power outlet and power cable for each device. One wire provides both 10/100BASE-T connectivity and power, freeing power outlets for other electronic equipment.

  • EPS supports 3Com NBX business telephones and 3Com AirConnect® wireless access points
  • Supplies centralized power directly to 3Com Ethernet devices over LAN cabling
  • Simple plug-and-use installation
  • Eliminates the need for a local power outlet and an extra power cable for each device
  • Can be installed with an uninterruptible power source or DC battery backup system
  • Includes intelligent device detection features (detect 3Com powered devices only)
  • No special network configuration is required—just plug it in
  • Helps eliminate risk of damage to non-powered devices on the network
  • Ethernet power sourcing extends the simplicity and economy of convergence to small businesses
  • 3Com NBX Ethernet power sources come in 12-port (3C10220) and 24-port (3C10222) versions to accommodate various network types and sizes
  • Single-port products also available for 3Com wireless access points and NBX telephones
  • 3Com NBX Telephone power splitter 12-pack (3C10223) available for NBX telephones attached to an Ethernet power source

3Com NBX Ethernet Power Products

Part No. Description  
3C10220 3Com NBX Ethernet Power Source 12-Port
3C10222 3Com NBX Ethernet Power Source 24-Port
3C10223 3Com NBX Telephone Power Splitter 12-Pack


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