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3Com NBX Interface Cards

NBX Digital Line CardThese cards give your 3Com® NBX® premises-based telephone systems the basic connections you need before you can make your calls. They feature a range of options for linking to the LAN and WAN.



3Com NBX Interface Cards

Part No. Description  
3C10114C 3Com NBX 4-Port Analog Line Card
3C10114B 3Com NBX 4-Port Analog Line Card
3C10116D 3Com NBX T1/PRI Digital Line Card
3C10116B 3Com NBX T1/PRI Digital Line Card
3C10165D 3Com NBX E1/PRI Card
3C10370 3Com NBX Uplink Card
3C10115 3Com NBX 10BASE-T Hub Card
3C10164D-ST 3Com NBX BRI-ST Card


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