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3Com NBX 100 Small Business Premium Package

3Com NBX 100 Phone SystemThe 3Com NBX 100 Small Business Premium Package is a perfect package for 25 or more users with remote locations. The included IP On-the-Fly site license will allow you to place NBX Phones at remote locations. This package will allow you to have a T1/PRI line with up to 4 analog lines, and up to 4 analog devices on the system. The newest NBX 3102 phones are included in this packages along with a 24-Port Ethernet Power Source to power your phones from a central location eliminating the bulky power supply and messy cables. Package includes the BasicTurnkey Installation which included all basic system configuration to allow the system to by physically placed and completed by you.

The 3Com NBX 100 Premium Package includes the following:

  • NBX 100 Chassis
  • NBX 100 Call Processor
  • NBX T1/PRI Digital Line Card (1)
  • NBX 4-Port Analog Line Card (1)
  • NBX 4-Port Terminal Line Card (1)
  • NBX 3102 Business Phones with Licenses (25)
  • NBX 3105 Attendant Console with License (1)
  • NBX 24-Port Ethernet Power Source with NBX Phone Splitters
  • 20 Hours/6 Ports VoiceMail
  • IP On-the-Fly Site License
  • NBX Backup Software
  • NBX Admin Online Self-Training Site License (1 Month)
  • NBX User Online Self-Training Site License (1 Month)
  • Basic Turnkey NBX Installation

Standard features of the NBX 100 include:

  • NBX Off-Site Notification
  • NBX Unified Messaging
  • NBX Multilevel Auto Attendants
  • NBX Hunt Groups/Calling Groups
  • NBX Call Detail Reporting

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3ComPhones.com  SupportQuestions about the 3Com NBX 100?
Our 3Com phone specialists are standing by to answer any questions you have about the 3Com NBX 100. Just give us a call 800-884-6945 and our friendly 3Com telephony staff will be happy to assist you. By contacting us, we can also make you aware of specials and deals on 3Com phones.


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