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FAQ's - 3Com NBX V3000 Phone System

Is the NBX V3000 Compatible with my existing NBX hardware and software?
The NBX V3000 is compatible with all existing 3Com IP Phones, analog terminal adapters, interface boards, gateway chassis, and NBX software applications (e.g. VTLs, VPIM, eXchange Call Center, Executive Assistant, IP Messaging, etc.).

How many NBX devices can the NBX V3000 support?
250 devices standard, and is expandable to 1500 devices with purchase of device licenses (3C10317, 3C10287, 3C10325) and 512MB memory upgrade (3C10240).

How much Voicemail is included in the NBX V3000?
4 auto-attendant/voice mail ports/400 hours standard, and expandable to 12 AA/VM ports without 512MB memory upgrade and expandable to 72 AA/VM ports with the 512MB memory upgrade.

How many VTL (Virtual Tie Lines) ports does the NBX V3000 support?
Requires purchase of separate VTL licenses. NBX V3000 supports 8 VTL ports without 512MB memory upgrade and 48 VTL ports with 512MB memory upgrade.

Do I need to purchase NBX Phone Licenses along with the NBX Phones?
In order to lower the total cost of ownership for small businesses, the NBX V3000 has 15 Group 2 Phone Licenses included in the base platform. Customers do not need to activate a keycode to utilize, as they are embedded on the system. The Group 2 Phone License allows a 3Com 3102 Business Phone (3C10402A) to be connected to the NBX V3000.

For example, if you purchase twenty 3102 Business Phones, you will only be required to purchase five additional Group 2 phone licenses (3C10411) in order to connect all twenty phones to the NBX V3000. These embedded licenses are included on the NBX V3000 hardware only, and are not available on the NBX 100 or SS3 NBX platforms.

Other phones such as the 3101 Basic Phone (3C10401A) and 3101SP Basic Phone with Speaker (3C10401SPKRA) require a separate Group 1 Phone License (3C10411) in order to connect to the NBX V3000. For example, in order to connect twenty 3101 Basic Phones to the NBX V3000, you will be required to purchase twenty Group 1 Phone Licenses. Same rules apply to the 3105 Attendant Console (3C10405A) which requires a Group 5 Phone License (3C10415).

Is IP on the Fly included in the NBX V3000?
As with all NBX platforms, the NBX IP on the Fly license is embedded on the NBX V3000.

What demo licenses are included in the NBX V3000?
There is one free user license of pcXset, one free port of NBX Media Driver (WAV port), and one free port of ConneXtions embedded on the NBX V3000. Note that the demo port is not added to additional ports you may purchase in the future. (For example, if you want 7 NBX Media Driver ports, you must purchase seven ports, not six ports.)



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