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3Com VCX Connect 200

Affordable IP Communications Able to Ensure Service Survivability

3Com VCX Connect 200Small to medium organizations with up to 250 users benefit from the redundancy options of the 3Com® VCX™ Connect 200 platform. For a very small premium, an enterprise can deploy a secondary hot standby VCX Connect server that maintains a synchronized database with the primary system. Should the primary system become unavailable for any reason, the secondary one takes responsibility for delivering phone services, including both telephony and messaging, to ensure business continuity.

The platform also protects the remote offices of multisite organizations via Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways. In the event of a wide area network (WAN) failure, VCX-compatible gateways enable direct phone-to-gateway dialing.

The platform also supports a variety of SIP-compatible phones, allowing enterprises to select a 3Com or third-party IP device that aligns with their budget and business requirements. And with the addition of the 3Com Convergence Client and IP conferencing module, business communications, productivity and collaboration can be optimized by providing easily accessed conferencing capabilities and softphone connectivity that lets workers use their computers to access voice services that are identical to those available from their desktop phones.

Designed for easy, economical and dependable use, the system’s flexibility allows many organizations to meet all their connectivity requirements from a single chassis. System resilience can be greatly enhanced with the addition of an optional RAID hard drive and/or optional load-sharing power supply. And communications survivability can be ensured by deploying a secondary VCX Connect 100 server to automatically maintain a synchronized database with the primary system. Should the primary system become unavailable for any reason, the secondary one continues to deliver all phone services.

  • Supports up to 250 users for IP communications and IP messaging
  • Includes phone and voicemail licenses for 25 users
  • Supports analog and digital 3Com VoIP gateways
  • Industry-standard COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) server
  • Redundant hard drive (RAID 1) option
  • Optional secondary server can provide hot standby for high availability
  • SIP-based for integration with third-party devices and applications

3Com VCX Connect Brochure
3Com VCX Brochure

3Com VCX Connect 200 Parts List

Applications Platforms
Part No. Description
3CRC200A VCX Connect 200 (included 25 user licenses for IP communications and IP messaging)
3CRC201A VCX Connect 200 optional redundant secondary server

Optional Components
Part No. Description
3C0VH701996B VCX Connect 200 redundant hard disk RAID1 (160 GB)

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