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3Com VCX Enterprise Solutions

3Com® VCX™ Enterprise solutions provide a full-featured business communications application suite that runs on industry standard servers to cost-effectively support business sites of any size. They deliver award-winning reliability and powerful productivity-enhancing software to meet the needs of medium to large enterprises with single site/campus or multisite/branch office business configurations.

Exceptionally scalable architecture can support tens of thousands of devices through a centralized or distributed server deployment. Single servers in branch sites can support multiple applications, while at main sites software modules can be deployed on separate severs to maximize performance and system capacity.

The resilient hierarchical architecture of VCX Enterprise solutions supports a regional/branch server model with centralized management of remote branch sites and service continuity in the event of a branch server failure. Should a branch site be isolated through an IP network failure, its server will continue to provide full telephony, messaging and gateway functionality.

3Com VCX Connect 100

3Com V6000 and V6100 Integrated Branch

The 3Com® V6000 and V6100 Integrated Branch Communications Platforms provide highly reliable, feature-rich, economical Voice over IP (VoIP) services for enterprise branch offices with up to 100 users.

3Com VCX Connect 200

3Com V7000 Applications Platform

The 3Com® VCX™ V7000 platforms lets organizations with up to tens of thousands of users deploy reliable, standards-based IP telephony and convergence applications throughout the enterprise.


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