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3Com NBX 100 Hardware

3Com NBX 100These essential components are at the heart of the 3Com® NBX® 100 communications system. The NBX 100 call processor can support up to 12 auto-attendant ports, 200 voice mailboxes, and 80 hours of message storage, making it ideal for demanding small and midsize businesses. The NBX 100 chassis is forward compatible with the 3Com SuperStack® 3 Networked Telephony Solution, helping you preserve your investment in modules as you scale to larger systems.

  • Call processors support up to 200 devices—phones, voice mail ports, and PSTN lines—so they're ideal for demanding businesses
  • Call processors employ UNIX-based VxWorks operating system to maximize reliability in mission-critical applications
  • Chassis features rugged design, simple installation and configuration
  • 3Com NBX 100 chassis includes two 10MB uplinks, 6 module slots
  • 3Com NBX 100 call processor includes 3Com NBX Voice Mail messaging software in a range of capacities

3Com NBX 100 Product Datasheet

3Com NBX 100"Easy Starter" Packages

We call these "Easy Starter" packages because they are solution bundles that we have meticulously put together allowing easy implementation of your IP Telephony solution. All "Easy Starter" packages include:

  • 3Com NBX Phones
  • Online NBX Training for Administrators and Users
  • Programming by an 3Com NBX Engineer to your specifications!
Part No. Description  
3C100ESBSC 3Com NBX 100 Basic Package - for up to 5 users
3C100ESSTD 3Com NBX 100 Standard Package - for up to 10 users
3C100ESDLX 3Com NBX 100 Deluxe Package - for up to 15 users
3C100ESPRM 3Com NBX 100 Premium Package - for up to 25 users

3Com NBX 100 Chassis and Call Processor Products

Part No. Description  
3C10111 3Com NBX 100 Chassis
3C10110 3Com NBX 100 Call Processor
3C10119 3Com NBX 100 Hard Drive Field Replacement Unit (FRU)


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