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3Com NBX V3001 Phone System

Protect Network Investments While Increasing Productivity

Designed for small- and medium-sized organizations moving to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) architecture, the 3Com NBX V3001 Analog platform can economically and seamlessly connect branch sites to corporate offices, as well as remote and home office workers to their main office convergence services. The platform delivers a broad range of services with ease. Non-technical personnel can make individual or system-wide changes with the click of a mouse, and as business needs evolve, the system can scale up to 1,500 devices (lines/stations with maximum of 720 PSTN lines). Additional functionality can be added with practical incremental, key-coded software upgrades.

3Com V3001

By including 4 analog FXO ports, 1 analog FXS port, 4 ports/ 400 hours of NBX Voice Mail, 15 business phone licenses, and a 250-device call processor all in one platform, small businesses can have their IP phone system up and running in less than 30 minutes*. Although easy-to-use, the NBX V3001 is also extremely powerful, as the platform is scalable to 1500 devices and can utilize additional FXS and FXO gateways via the NBX Gateway Chassis, thus when your business grows, you don't outgrow your phone system!

Ideal for small to midsize businesses and branch offices with up to 1500 devices per location, the NBX V3001 features fifth-generation 3Com NBX (R5.0) system software that simplifies third-party applications integration, enables seamless multisite intra-company dialing and toll-bypass applications, and supports VPIM voice message exchange between sites. The NBX V3001 solution brings you cost-effective access to enterprise-caliber communications, easy-to-use features, intuitive Web browser–based administration, and an open architecture for straightforward applications integration.

3Com NBX V3001 Product Datasheet

3Com NBX V3001 FAQ's

3Com NBX V3001 Turnkey Packages

We call these "Turnkey" packages because they are solution bundles that we have meticulously put together allowing easy implementation of your IP Telephony solution. All "Turnkey" packages include:

  • 3Com NBX Phones
  • VoiceMail
  • Support for Analog Lines or T1
  • Online NBX Training for Administrators and Users
  • Programming by a 3Com NBX Engineer to your specifications!

All 3Com NBX V3001 packages are easily expandable and can be customized to fit your needs. Just call us 800-844-6945 and one of our certified 3Com NBX specialists will be happy to customize the package to meet your needs. You may also Build Your Own 3Com NBX V3001 Phone System.

V3001 IP Telephony Platform
5 3102 Business Phones
Support up to 4 Analog Lines
Basic Turnkey Installation
Plus much more...
3Com NBX V3001 Information

V3001 IP Telephony Platform
15 3102 Business Phones
Support up to 4 Analog Lines
Basic Turnkey Installation
Plus much more...
V3001 Information
V3001 IP Telephony Platform
20 3102 Business Phones
T1 Line
6 Port / 400 Hours Voice Mail
Plus much more...
NBX V3001 Information

Features of the 3Com NBX V3001 IP Telephony Solution:

  • Eliminates the cost and administrative overhead required for separate voice and data networks
  • Affordably improves communications with powerful built-in call-processing features, including voice mail, automated attendant, hunt/call groups, call detail reporting, computer telephony integration (CTI), PC-based visual voicemail/e-mail clients (IMAP4), and with optional software that delivers versatile unified messaging capabilities
  • Offers a practical range of business-quality high-fidelity IP phone options
  • Easily integrates with numerous off-the-shelf software, including customer relationship management (CRM) and call center applications; 3Com Voice Solution Providers Program (VSPP) provides advanced productivity-enhancing capabilities
  • Enables cost-effective and easy capacity expansion for applications such as call centers with software-based 3Com NBX Media Driver application ports—additional hardware isn't necessary
  • With optional 3Com NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange licenses, simplifies voicemail message exchange between sites even if different voicemail systems are used
  • Offers an extensive range of multisite connectivity options—3Com NBX IP Virtual Tie Lines, NBX ConneXtions Gateway H.323 software, and T1/E1 PRI/Q.SIG; supports telecommuters and remote access users with optional 3Com NBX IP licenses
  • Software for managing a phone from a PC screen included for all users, letting them view recent calls, make calls, access the system directory, even drag and drop telephone numbers from other PC applications or web page

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3ComPhones.com  SupportQuestions about the 3Com NBX V3001?
Our 3Com phone specialists are standing by to answer any questions you have about the 3Com NBX V3001. Just give us a call 800-884-6945 and our friendly 3Com telephony staff will be happy to assist you. By contacting us, we can also make you aware of specials and deals on 3Com phones.


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