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VCX Connect Solutions

Enhanced Productivity with VCX Connect Solutions

3Com VCX Connect Solutions3Com® VCX ™ Connect platforms provide office and remote workers in small and medium enterprises-organizations having up to 250 phone system users-with award-winning, productivity-enhancing multimedia communications. A choice of platforms lets smaller organizations align their business requirements and budget so that they can immediately implement a single or multisite multimedia communications system that they might otherwise not be able to install and maintain.

Standards-based, the platforms can be easily integrated into an existing network, reducing cost of ownership. Since the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard is used for signaling, organizations can realize additional savings by either deploying 3Com IP phones or choosing alternative SIP-compatible devices. Among the full range of 3Com voice devices is a multimedia softphone that delivers high-quality audio and easy access to powerful VCX Connect features directly from a user’s computer desktop.

Numerous Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway options facilitate migration from PSTN to IP-based communications, and allow the continuing use of legacy PBXs. In addition to letting organizations leverage existing infrastructure investments, they help avoid the expense of unwanted business disruptions. VCX Connect platforms also support optional redundancy on critical components to increase resiliency and further ensure business continuity.

3Com VCX Connect 100

3Com VCX Connect 100

For smaller organizations with up to 100 users, the 3Com® VCX™ Connect 100 platform offers the convenience and economy of a complete IP “PBX-in-a-box” that delivers the productivity-enhancing benefits of a robust and resilient set of communications applications.

3Com VCX Connect 200

3Com VCX Connect 200

Small to medium organizations with up to 250 users benefit from the redundancy options of the 3Com® VCX™ Connect 200 platform.


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