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3Com IP Messaging Solutions

3Com® IP Messaging for Building Effective Business Communications

3com ip messaging3Com IP Messaging Module - Convergence Applications Timely action drives business advantage and IP messaging is a cornerstone in delivering this benefit. It helps staff meet clients on short notice, respond to a manager's request in minutes, speak directly to a person when making a call instead of to voice mail, and backup and centrally store voicemail messages to satisfy regulatory requirements.

The 3Com® IP Messaging module is server software designed for centralized voice mail, fax mail and e-mail service. It is equipped with RAID systems or optional SAN interfaces to avoid single points of failure and provide massive storage. There is no need for adjunct processors, proprietary cards, software management, user administration, or voicemail maintenance costs on every PBX. Shared advanced services such as text-to-speech can create impressive savings as well as improved efficiency and brand perception. Using the scripting capabilities inherent in the 3Com IP Messaging module, customers or 3Com professional services staff can prepare user interface prompts and logic that models popular releases of leading voice-mail systems, significantly reducing user training costs and user support problems on system cut-over.

Today, unique and disparate systems and presence requirements for voice mail, e-mail, and faxes result in voice mail that is only accessible from the telephone, e-mail only from the PC, and faxes only in person. 3Com IP messaging software changes all that. Users can see their voice and fax mail as e-mail, and can even have their e-mail read to them. This integration enables faster responses and accelerated productivity. With the 3Com IP Messaging module, users have access to extensive distribution list capabilities, including the ability to schedule delivery of messages. Executives can broadcast time-sensitive motivational messages to a global distribution list. Messages are actively delivered with delivery confirmation to off-net extensions.

With the find me/follow me feature of the 3Com IP Messaging module customer calls can be given special message treatment. Users can configure service to send all calls or special calls to their choice of telephones, including cell phones. Callers record their name while a software agent finds the user. At all times, the user remains in control of the call path so customers can more successfully reach their called parties. Advanced Interactive Voice Response service is easily integrated into customer databases and applications for more satisfying interactions with shorter hold times.

The 3Com IP Messaging module enables the following enterprise advantages:

Lower cost

  • Centralized maintenance that reduces cost of upgrade and repair
  • Reduced training needs resulting from support for popular user interfaces
  • Runs on the 3Com V7000 platform simultaneously with the VCX™IP Telephony module.

Increased user productivity

  • Faster review of messages and actions:
    • Voice mail available as e-mail
    • Fax mail delivered as e-mail
    • Read-me e-mail
  • Broadcasts able to deliver faster response to time-perishable events
  • Extensive distribution list capabilities
  • Anyone able to send anyone a voice message

Strengthened customer interactions

  • Find me/follow me services offering special message treatment
  • Interactive Voice Response for accelerated service and shorter hold times
  • Read-me e-mail to shorten the gap between customer action and employee response


3Com IP Messaging Product Datasheet

3Com IP Messaging Products

Part No. Description  
3CRB10329 3Com NBX IP Messaging 12 Port Bundle
3C10788 3Com NBX IP Messaging 1 Port Upgrade
3CRVH700996B 3Com NBX IP Messaging/Conferencing Chassis FRU
3CRVH701896B 3Com NBX IP Messaging Hard Disk FRU
3C0VH701996B 3Com NBX IP Messaging/Conferencing Redundant RAID Hard Disk


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