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Pre-Owned 3Com NBX 3102A Business Phone Bundle

3C10402A-BUND Pre-Owned 3Com NBX 3102A Business Phone Bundle

The 3Com NBX 3102 Business Phone Bundle includes the 3Com NBX 3102A Business Phone (3C10402A) and the Group 2 Phone License (3C10412). Requires NBX System Software Release 4.2 or greater.

Important Note: If you are running NBX software version 5.0.23 or greater, purchase the 3102B (3C10402B) phone for less. Click here for the 3Com NBX 3102B Business Phone (3C10402B)

Product Description:

The 3Com NBX 3102 Business Phone (3C10402A) is a next generation design focused on telephone voice quality by featuring enhanced acoustic design and by leveraging the emerging wideband audio standard, which significantly enhances speech transmission compared to conventional public switch telephone network (PSTN). The 3Com 3102 Business Phone (3C10402A) also includes convenience and productivity features that make it an advanced business tool.

The 3Com 3102 Business Phone (3C10402A) has been designed to support the emerging wideband audio standards developed to enhance the quality of voice conversations. A typical PSTN phone line reproduces speech at 3.3 kHz, a legacy of Alexander Graham Bell, whereas the 3102 phone can relay IP conversations at a frequency of 7 kHz or higher, enabling clearer and more productive phone calls.

Combined with the carrier-class 3Com VCX™ V7000 IP Telephony Solution, 3Com SuperStack® 3 NBX® Networked Telephony Solution, 3Com NBX 100 Communications System, the 3Com 3102 Business Phone is SIP compliant, protecting enterprises' investments in IP telephony. SIP enables multi-vendor interoperability and is also backward-compatible allowing older SIP-based equipment to support new SIP applications.

Key Features and Benefits
The 3Com 3102 Business Phone offers users an easy-to-use device that is more compact and has a contemporary, sleek design. Its key features include:

  • Enhanced Speakerphone and acoustic design, a high-quality, full-duplex speakerphone and unidirectional microphone have been meticulously incorporated into the phone's external housing design to maximize speaker volume and reduce background noise;
  • The Buttons on the phone have an improved tactile feel including a concaved dial pad. Eighteen light-emitting diodes (LEDs) make it easier for customers to choose the features they need and place them where they want on the phone;
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet is supported via the RJ-45 Ethernet connector,
    Built-in handset jack with RJ-9 modular connector designed to support headsets without amplifier from leading vendors such as GN Netcom and Plantronics; and
  • Localized faceplates are available to provide customized phone faceplates for the most commonly used features on the phone. Users worldwide will have a tool that reflects the language they use for business. This snap-in faceplate is available in German, Spanish, Italian and French languages.

3Com NBX 3102 Phone Datasheet
 3Com NBX 3100-series Phones Comparison Chart


Note: The 3Com NBX 3102A Phone 3C10402A does not come with a power supply because of its Power over Ethernet capability. If you do not plan on using Power over Ethernet, you must purchase either an NBX Phone Power Supply, Ethernet Power Source 12-Port, or Ethernet Power Source 24-Port separately.

Product Images:

3Com NBX 3102 Business Phone (3C10402A)

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